Gina Petrecca

retail/photographer New Jersey

jersey girl with a new york soul!

My name is Gina Petrecca. I loved photography when I was growing up. I became fascinated with preserving memories. I have tons of photo albums of my family, friends, and pets. As I grew up I knew I wanted to do it for a living.
I love taking pictures of still life, landscapes, nature, and animals. Anything in those categories I just love. I pretty much get inspired by colors, shapes, or anything different. My inspiration changes depending on the situations I find myself in. Sometimes an idea just pops in my head and I just do it. I feel every artist is unique and their tastes are different. I can’t fit myself in a category.
I like doing art exhibits with other artists so I can meet new people. I want everyone to see what I can do and for my photography to be part of the environment, on the walls and enjoyed by people.
One goal of mine is to have my own photography shop and sell my prints. I also don’t mind having a regular job too. As long as I can still do my photography, I’ll be ok no matter what I end up doing.


international center of photography

still attending

an on going journey at school. there’s always a new class i wanna try out!


nature landscapes still life animals


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